An Endless Sky

Lost transmissions from strange realities… Strange and beautiful short fiction meets immersive sound design.


Episodes Date

EPISODE 2: We Are The Disease by Gareth E Rees Narrator: Daniel Wilmot Music and sound design: Ian J Cole Additional sound: Wayne Britcliffe "As soon as this storm abated, the captain promised me, we...
March 2, 2019
EPISODE 1 What Rupert Don't Know, written by Glen James Brown (@Glen_J_Brown) Narrator: Alexander King Music and sound design: Ian J Cole   An exclusive short story to launch our podcast, from acclai...
February 5, 2019
PILOT EPISODE: Relic by David Martin Narrator: Tristan Carlyon Music and sound design: Ian J Cole Voice recording: Gavin Campbell "No one was watching at the frozen hour when the lights streaked low o...
January 30, 2019