PILOT EPISODE: Relic by David Martin

Narrator: Tristan Carlyon

Music and sound design: Ian J Cole

Voice recording: Gavin Campbell

"No one was watching at the frozen hour when the lights streaked low overhead, or in their wake heard the crashing of branches and the outraged eruption of birds. Close up you could see the marks of his descent through the canopy of trees, their broken limbs charting his passage, letting new shafts of light fall into the shadowed space where he lay, close by a silent pond. From outside the wood was undisturbed, keeping its secret. But secrets find their way out, too good to keep, but good enough to keep close."

David Martin writes short fiction, with stories featured in Black Static, The Dark, The Mechanics' Institute Review and Litro among others. Find him on Twitter @lordsludge.

Ian J Cole (@ianjcole) is a musician, composer and the host of The Audiophile Radio Show.

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